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Saturday, October 30, 2010


My Daughters school has an annual auction event known as TAG. This year I decided to make 10 cards to donate for the auction.

This one I sort of cased off of SCS, my favorite site
This is a basic bday card

These are my Favorites. I watercolored the image like a year ago, Stamped the trees, and finally mounted on a card. Not crazy about the card, but I love the image. The inside of the card just says silent night.

This one is Big and puffy, I DOn't like it but I know people who do like big flower cards. I stamped layer on layer on this one.

These are what is known as CAS cards, clean and simple. I embossed the rose and used twinking H2O's in white for added shine. The white is a bit off from the paper.

Two more

This was another case off SCS and it was my favorite of the bunch....

Ireally had fun making these. I hope they do well tonight. :)

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful collection of cards Lou!! Girl, you have been sneaking these in on me!! I couldn't have missed all this!!! What!! The last one I can personally attest to is even more gorgeous in person!!